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The duties of the General Service Division include the management of technical or non-technical workers, health and labor insurance, campus management, duty support, University vehicle management, site management, guest house management, campus traffic management, travelling subsidy processing, environmental safety, fire safety, and so on.

1. Technical or Non-technical Workers Management: A. hiring and salary; B. checking attendance; C. performance appraisal; D. promotion and transfer; E. and retirement and pensions.

2. Campus Management: A. campus cleaning and maintenance; B. garbage processing and recycling; C. toilet cleaning and outsourcing cleaning work.

3. Duty Support: A. decorating venues for ceremonies; B. preparing venues for admission examinations; C. removing garbage; D. trimming and maintaining trees.

4. University Vehicle Management: A. servicing and maintaining university vehicles; B. scheduling and deploying vehicles; C. refueling vehicles.

5. Site Management: A. booking management for Yunping Conference Rooms; B. booking management for Cheng Kung Hall, International Conference Hall, Staff Social Hall and Gezhi Hall; C. management of outdoor sites (e.g. Yunping Square).

6. Guest House Management: booking management for Ying-Bin, Jing-Ye and Dong-Ning guest houses.

7. Campus Traffic Management: A. issuing car passes; B. issuing motorcycle and scooter parking permits; C. management of chargeable car parks; D. management and maintenance of car park facilities.

8. Environmental Safety: A. related training and education; B. laboratory liquid waste declaration and removing; C. toxic material management, D. biological contamination and radiation prevention; E. campus safety and hygiene.

9. Fire Safety and Protection: A. maintaining and declaring fire safety facilities; B. fire safety training and drills.